ASA The Pilot's Manual: Instrument Flying

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When we say the Pilot’s Manual: Instrument Flying Eighth Edition has everything you need to know to pass the FAA exams and Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) checkride, we mean it. This thing is 640 pages long with 500, full-color illustrations.

Don’t let its Biblical length intimidate you, though. The writing in this up-to-date eighth edition is clear, concise, and practical, with reviews at the end of each chapter for you to test your new knowledge. You’ll even learn mnemonic devices to memorize critical key points and procedures that you’ll have to know to earn that rating. Topics include everything from preflight preparations to approach procedures. And whether you plan on flying with conventional instruments or with a glass cockpit, it’s got you covered.

When you read Pilot’s Manual Volume: Instrument Flying, that IFR rating is literally within your grasp.

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