FAA Alaska IFR Low Alt NACO Full Set

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IFR pilots who aviate all over the state of Alaska will appreciate our cost-saving combo of Enroute Low Altitude Charts covering the 49th state in its entirety. Very similar to low altitude charts for the 48 Contiguous States, Alaskan low enroute charts depict such need-to-know info as Victor Airways, navigational fixes, ATC reporting points, military training routes (MTRs), RNAV routes, special use airspace, controlled airspace boundaries, VHF navigational facilities (frequency, ID, geographic coordinates, and channel), and much more safety-of-flight data. Additionally, these 4-color charts are designed for use up to (but not including) 18,000 feet.

This combo consists of both the L-1/L-2 and L-3/L-4 charts that together cover all of Alaska. The L-1 chart includes Area Charts for both Juneau (1" = 14 NM) and Vancouver (1" = 8 NM); while the L-2 incorporates Area Charts for the Aleutian Islands [East/King Salmon (1" = 25 NM), Central/Cold Bay (1" =25 NM), and West/Adak Island (1" = 25 NM)]. Additionally, the L-3 chart contains an Area Chart for Anchorage; and the L-4 features an Area Chart for Fairbanks. Published on the FAA's standard 56-day cycle. An affordable, extremely comprehensive resource that no instrument-rated Alaska pilot should fly without.


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