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If you are a general aviation pilot who flies multiple types of aircraft, you experience special equipment challenges. One of these is ensuring that your personal headset can be used in every aircraft you fly, especially if you fly vintage aircraft or both helicopters and fixed-wing airplanes. Headsets are not cheap. They are highly personalized pieces of equipment; few things can make a flight more miserable than having to wear a replacement headset that just doesn't feel or sound right.

Your communication worries are over with products from Pilot Mall. With our General Aviation Adapters, your headset can work in any aircraft that you fly. You can turn a single jack aircraft into a two headset capable system with our double headset Y adapter. Outfitting a tandem seat airplane with headset communications or bringing your backseat passengers into the loop is easy with the Pilot USA Headset Extension. Pilot Mall even offers adapters that allow you to use your headset with your ICOM transceiver, which is an especially flexible option for light sport and experimental pilots. And, if you fly both helicopters and airplanes, we have the General Aviation Adapter you need to be able to use your headset in both types of aircraft.

No matter what your communications needs are Pilot Mall has you covered. Check our selection of General Aviation Adapters and get connected today!

General Aviation Adapters

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David Clark Headset Bag 40688G-08
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