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The Future of Flexibility: Introducing the Flight Outfitters iDeck Kneeboard
Pilots deserve a kneeboard that adapts to their needs, not the other way around. That's why Flight Outfitters is proud to introduce the iDeck Kneeboard, the culmination of generations of pilot feedback and our commitment to continuous improvement.

Built on a Legacy of Innovation:

The iDeck Kneeboard represents the fifth iteration of our popular kneeboard design. Flight Outfitters has taken everything pilots loved about previous versions and combined it with the features you requested most.

Unmatched Versatility:

  • Double the Deck Space: Gone are the days of choosing between your iPad and iPhone. The iDeck Kneeboard's innovative design, featuring silicone holders from our Deluxe Kneeboard, allows you to securely mount both devices side-by-side on the main deck.
  • Large or Small, We've Got You Covered: The iDeck comes in two sizes: small to perfectly house your iPad Mini and phone, and large to accommodate full-size iPads.
  • Traditional or Tech-Forward? You Decide: Prefer a classic kneeboard setup? Utilize the iDeck's fold-down EVA case, inspired by our Centerline Kneeboard, for a dedicated writing surface or additional storage.

Pilot-Centric Design:

  • Comfort is Key: The iDeck Kneeboard features a newly designed, extra-thick elastic strap that adjusts to various leg sizes for a comfortable, secure fit throughout your flight.
  • Seamless Viewing: Effortlessly switch between portrait and landscape modes with the iDeck's user-friendly, one-finger rotating deck.
  • Organization at Your Fingertips: The iDeck boasts a built-in pen/stylus pocket, mesh pocket, and a padded back for additional storage and organization.

The Flight Outfitters iDeck Kneeboard is more than just a kneeboard; it's a customizable cockpit companion designed to elevate your flying experience.

Tech Specs:

  • Sizes: Small & Large
  • Small: Fits all iPad Minis
  • Large: Fits iPad 5-9, iPad Air 1-4, iPad Pro 9.7"-11"
  • Features: Fold-down side platform, rotating deck, elastic strap, silicone iPad holder, padded back, pen/stylus pocket, mesh pocket

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