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Clarity Aloft Aviation Headsets

Headsets in History

At the forefront of innovative technology, the aviation industry is constantly modernizing, finding bigger and better ways to accomplish tasks. While airplanes and routes are growing in size, evolving into faster and longer ideations put into action, headsets are conversely shrinking in size. Part of this increasingly popular movement includes in-ear headsets. These unique inventions have invaded the market and are making waves with their small configurations. 

Over-the-ear headsets have been associated with pilots, as that has been the image crafted throughout decades of flight. A newer entry into the industry is seeking to break that mold, with the sole focus of bringing comfort and simplicity to pilots' lives. 

Over-the-ear headsets can be bulky and present some physical constraints. Those who adorn their faces with corrective eyeglasses may find the earpieces to be pressed uncomfortably into their temples, while others simply feel weighed down. 

Over-the-ear headsets have users complaining about the bulkiness and obstructions these heavy headpieces present in-flight. With the growing disdain, in-ear headsets have found their niche in the aviation industry, presenting an increasingly attractive solution to many of the comfort and clarity annoyances posed by the former solutions. 

In order to draw users to their products, in-ear headset manufacturers have created an offering which provides all the features of bulkier headsets, at a fraction of the size, while making numerous improvements.

Soaring off the Shelves: Clarity Aloft

Clarity Aloft Aviation Headsets have made a name for themselves in the movement of shrinking headsets. Through comfortable, all-day usage and radio communications delivered at crystal-clarity, commercial and general aviation pilots alike have fallen for these innovative solutions. Dating back to the late 1990s, this brand has also provided assistance to the military, proving its rugged capability and reliability.

Since then, a focus has been placed on the commercial and general sectors in the aviation industry, allowing civilians to take part in the high-quality and durability service members have bared witness to. Both the earpieces and microphone implement noise-cancelling technology, allowing all transmissions to be clearly audible, avoiding potentially harmful miscommunications. 

The earpieces are comprised of washable and interchangeable foam canal tips, which allow each piece to situate solidly into any earshape. The firm fit allows radio communications to be played at a lower volume, protecting against potential damage to a user's ear canal. 

Decades have been spent fine-tuning the in-ear headsets offered by Clarity Aloft. This is apparent through the sleek, lightweight design. The optional adjustment band is increasingly popular in the aerobatic community, as it fastens firmly in place, providing pilots reassurance that communication won't be broken as they maneuver through the sky. 

The Newest Movement- Clarity Aloft Flex TSO Certified Headsets
Clarity Aloft Flex TSO Certified Headset

Clarity Aloft Flex TSO Certified Headsets are the newest versions in this family of in-ear headsets. They're also one of the most popular adaptations for a multitude of quality reasons. Feeling as if they're barely-there, the Flex TSO Certified Headsets have pilots raving about the immense comfort with zero mobility restrictions. 

Weighing in at less than 2oz., the lightest of all of its predecessors, this variation provides a 30-50 dB Noise Reduction Rating. The microphone has the capability to be switched to the left or right side, adaptable to each environment it's placed in. A benefit to this user-friendly design includes allowing the user to easily eat or drink while wearing the headpiece. This provides pilots with the ability to stay tuned into radio communications without losing a beat. 

A highlight of Clarity Aloft Flex TSO Certified in-ear headsets is the exclusion of the common headpiece situated on top of a user's head. With a band that wraps around the base of the skull, similar to that of a pair of glasses, users are able to keep a professional look throughout travel, avoiding the dreaded headband headset hair upon arrival. In doing so, pilots remain immaculate from head to toe, putting the best face forward for whomever they're operating for. This unique feature allows pilots to dress in any additional headgear they so choose, including an unobstructed path for emergency oxygen masks. 

Focusing on the precise enhanced experience which these headsets provide, noise pollution is greatly reduced. Typically, the noise of wind and turbulence has a rating of up to 8000 Hz, while engine and propeller noise can reach 300 Hz. Wearing a Clarity Aloft Flex TSO Certified headset will drastically reduce those numbers to less than 50 Hz and 30 Hz, respectively. 

The Flex TSO Certified Headsets are the most customizable sets on the market with fold-flat storage, musical input ability, and no need for batteries during operation. As each pilot settles into their own work-flow in the cockpit, preferences are put into place. For some, included in those preferences are listening to radio communications through one ear, allowing freedom for the other to tune in to what's going on in their aircraft. This specific headset allows for one ear to be removed, adjusting to that situation precisely. 

Future Outlook

In-ear headsets have entered the market at a solid time in history where the saying "time is money," is more relevant than ever. These headsets dissipate the struggle of bulky over-the-ear sets, bringing a new level of durability and ear protection to the table. Lack of batteries allow for ease of mind regarding long-term performance, as it's one less thing for the traveling pilot to worry about. 

In-ear headsets present a well-known Goldilocks scenario- not too big, not too small, but just right. Mobility restrictions are virtually nonexistent, and flight safety is dramatically improved. The design is crafted towards the user's personal health and increases the situational awareness which improves passenger safety. In an industry focused around safety, these headsets bring pilots immensely closer to the ever-present goal. Get yours today!

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