U.S. Army Soldier, UAV and Dog Toy Set

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Assemble Your Squad: U.S. Army Soldier, UAV and K-9 Playset!
Attention young heroes! Gear up for action with the officially licensed U.S. Army Soldier, UAV and K-9 Playset!  This exciting set lets you recreate thrilling military missions right in your living room.

A Team for Any Mission:

  • Soldier Power: The set includes a detailed figurine of a U.S. Army Soldier, complete with a realistic uniform and accessories. Lead the mission and strategize with your squad!
  • Tech on the Move: A sleek and modern-looking toy drone, also known as a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), adds a high-tech element to your missions.
  • Loyal Companion: No military team is complete without a trusty K-9 companion! This set includes a figurine of a military working dog, ready to sniff out adventure.

Fuel Your Imagination:

The U.S. Army Soldier, UAV and K-9 Playset is the perfect way for young minds to explore the world of military service and create their own heroic adventures. Order yours today!


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