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PALight - Pocket LED Survival Light

PALight - Pocket LED Survival Light
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Multi-mode, military-approved LED survival light.

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Product Description
Calling the PALight a flashlight falls far short of highlighting the broad spectrum of capabilities packed into this durable unit. The waterproof, palm-size survival light uses just a single LED and 9-volt alkaline battery to provide hours of illumination from four unique modes. Users can select between the Always On Mode (up to 2 years!), the Low Beam Mode (200 hours), High Beam Mode (20 hours), and Strobe Mode (20 hours) as their conditions dictate. This light is so rugged and durable that it's even earned approval by the US military. An extremely low-cost, high-functionality piece of equipment that should be a no-go item in every pilot's flight bag.

From the Manufacturer
The PALight or Personal Accessory Light is one of the most versatile lights a pilot can have. Sometimes inadequately referred to as a flashlight, the PAL is a superb piece of micro electronic engineering. It differs from the traditional flashlight in virtually every aspect.

The PALight's compact 2.875"L x 1.25"W x 1"D shape is due to the use of a single, common 9V battery as its power source. The light source is a single high-intensity LED (Light Emitting Diode) that draws an extremely small amount of current from the battery. The use of an LED means you will never have to replace a "bulb" in this light ever. It also means you will have light for much, much longer periods of time than you would with a conventional flashlight with a bulb! This is exactly what you need in a survival situation.

The PALight features four light modes:

Always On Mode - The LED constantly emits a faint amount of light making the PALight easy to locate in a flight bag, a first-aid/survival kit, an aircraft door bag, or anywhere in the dark. The battery can last up to 2 years in this mode!

Low Beam Mode - a lower light mode with power conservation in mind. This mode provides enough light for most basic needs. the battery will last for 200 hours in this mode.

High Beam Mode - This is the greatest light emitting mode intended to produce the most light while still yielding an extended life. The battery will last 20 hours in this mode.

Strobe Mode - The PALight emits a focused strobe of light every 1.5 seconds. This mode is ideal for drawing attention and attracting search and rescue personnel. The battery will last for 20 hours in this mode.

The PALight features a rubber, sure-grip case and is waterproof. This is the deal light to keep handy when performing those night preflights, and for inclusion in any aviation first-aid or survival kit.

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Manufacturer Part No: 17076
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