Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot

Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
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Distinguished collection of a treasure trove of aviation info.

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Readers of Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot invariably come away from the book with two unanswerable questions: Just how did author Richie Lengel manage to cram so much aviation knowledge into one book? and How on earth does he present it in such an easy-to-read style? It's true; Lengel manages to pull off the impossible, and he makes it look easy while doing it.

In just 430 pages, Lengel answers questions geared specifically to student pilots, private & instrument rated flyers, pro aviators, and flight instructors while also tacking an inordinate number of questions that most pilots would never even think to ask. If there's only one book pilots should turn to as the epitome of collective aviation knowledge, without a doubt it's this one.

From the Manufacturer
Student Pilot - this book is indispensable. It will save you from wasting hundreds of dollars on other books and save you countless hours of wasted study time trying to sort out all that information you must know.

Private/Instrument Pilot - this book is absolutely essential. It will be your primary reference source while you continue to learn and strive to stay alive.

Commercial/Airline Pilot - this book is mandatory. It explains the complex intricacies of flying for a living and will help you 'stay legal.' It could save your ticket! Plus, it doubles as the most complete technical interview guide ever created. You'll know more than the interviewer!

For the Private Pilot or the Airline Captain ... by far the #1 BEST SELLING aviation reference book in the country!

430 pages (8 1/2 x 11) crammed with virtually every scrap of information essential and necessary for every pilot. All that knowledge you wish you could have at your fingertips all the time, and many things you never even thought about. Fun to read and yet excruciatingly detailed. The ultimate reference book that explains all aspects of aviation from props to heavy jets.

You will be amazed!

This is the real deal. Everything in one place, in plain English, and super easy to find!

This is not a conventional book, it's a fresh and fun approach to the unbelievably complex world of aviation written in an online style that gets to the heart of the facts without wasting time.

Easy-to-read, outline-form explanations list all the relevant facts, highlighted with bold underline text that automatically emphasizes the important words. You cannot find an easier to read book that tackles such a formidable mountain of subject matter.

Richie has the unique ability to simplify the complicated and examine in extreme detail what you thought was simple, with a humorous hint of sarcasm laced throughout intends to keep you from falling asleep.

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    Rated 4.62/5 based on 8 customer reviews

    4/5 stars
     Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot
    Outstanding book that not only explains things but gives you references as well. Name the subject and there is probably a simple explanation in this book. The only criticism I have is that I wish it was in spiral format to permit updates rather than requiring the purchase of a new book as FARs change.
    - El Paso, TX

    5/5 stars
     Unbelievable reference book
    Excellent reference book! It shows how little you know due the depth of coverage on each item. Great book for private pilot to Airline Captain
    - Hilton, NY

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