ASA Sheet Protector: 7-Hole (10 Pack)

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Instrument-rated pilots who prefer to navigate with Jeppesen Terminal Procedures publications will appreciate ASA's low-cost, high-caliber 7-Hole Sheet Protectors. Fabricated from translucent plastic, these durable approach chart sleeves are designed to protect your most frequently used approach plates, taxiway/airport diagrams, and approach (STAR) & departure (DP/SID) docs from avoidable wear & tear. In addition to guarding against rips, wrinkles, and smudges, these rugged sleeves are perfectly designed to write on with a pencil or china marker, and they easily erase once the noted content is no longer needed. They're also more heat resistant than vinyl and are perfectly designed for use with a variety of 7-hole Jeppesen approach chart binders [sold separately]. Purchase includes a set of 10 translucent plastic sleeves. An affordable, easy-to-use tool for safeguarding the vital, must-have aeronautical info you need when flight by visual reference isn't an option.


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