Air Utopia Sharjah Airport Classic Russian Airliner Oasis DVD

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Enjoy unfettered VIP access to one of the most mysterious commercial airfields on the planet: Sharjah International Airport (OMSJ) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). While well known as a haven for old-school Russian aircraft, only this 75-minute DVD delivers full ramp access to the aerodrome's fascinating fleet of classic tenants. You'll witness up-close footage of both legacy Soviet birds (Ilyushin Il-76s, Tupolev Tu-134s, Antonov An-12s) and vintage airliners that once ruled the West (DC-10s, B-707s, B727s). You even get to climb aboard both an Aeroflot-Don Tu-154 and an Ariana Afghan 727! Further raising the bar is the video's opening narration with subtitled facts & history of the field. Without a doubt the most complete glimpse at Sharjah and its operations you'll ever see!


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