S-76C+ Demonstrator Resin Model

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The S-76 Demonstrator is an American medium-size commercial utility helicopter, manufactured by the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. The S-76 features twin turboshaft engines, four-bladed main and tail rotors and retractable landing gear. The development of the S-76 began in the mid-1970s as the S-74, with the goal of a medium helicopter for corporate transportation and the oil drilling industry. The prototype first flew in March 1977, and was the first Sikorsky helicopter designed purely for commercial rather than military use. The S-76 is in civil service around the world with airlines, corporations, hospital, government operators and, notably, the British Royal Family.

This specific S-76 variant is the S-76C+ which is an uprated version of the S-76C and is fitted with improved Turbom??ca Arriel 2S1 turboshafts. A total of 35 S-76C+ were manufactured.

This handcrafted model is painstakingly molded from pressure cast composite resin by our skilled craftsmen with a wealth of detail and makes a great gift for any veteran, aviation enthusiast or history buff.

  • 1/40 Scale Model
  • 13.38 Inch Wingspan
  • 13.75 Inch Length
  • Material Resin Composite