Revo Thirty-Five Limited-Edition Folding Aviator Sunglasses

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Like a Transformer, the Revo Thirty-Five Limited Edition sunglasses change shape, folding into something that resembles a clamshell as much as a pair of sunglasses. The reason is that it makes them easier to store, perfect for carrying around in your pocket.

Limited edition means Revo only made 1,000 of them, and each is hand engraved with a serial number and certificate of authenticity. The Thirty-Five celebrates the company's 35th anniversary. Each comes with a chrome frame and blue-water colored lenses. The lenses are impact-resistant, glare-reducing and polarized. But, unlike most polarized lenses, these use special NASA-based technology that allows you to still read digital screens.

With their unique design and limited production run, these glasses are as close as you can get to one-of-a-kind in a pair of shades.

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