RAM Universal X-Grip Cradle for 7" Tablets with U-Bolt Rail Mount Kit

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From now on, when you take to the air, don't relegate your tablet computer to the baggage compartment. Instead, harness its aeronautical abilities to augment the accuracy of your airborne activities. With the RAM Universal X-Grip Cradle for 7" Tablets with U-Bolt Rail Mount Kit at your disposal, it's never been easier to integrate your go-to gadget into your flight ops. In addition to including everything you need to mount your device, the kit's cutting-edge components promote ultra-precise positioning for an always-optimal viewing angle.

Among the combo's trifecta of parts is RAM's Universal X-Grip Cradle for 7" Tablets. Its four spring-loaded stainless steel arms expand and retract to provide a gentle-yet-firm hold on small tablets of varying sizes (2 1/4"-5 3/4" W, up to 7/8" D; * Devices 2 1/4" W must be at least 7" L to fit). Rubber-coated tips safeguard your gadget from nicks and scratches, and the cradle's open-frame design fosters unobstructed access to all ports, buttons, camera lenses, etc. Anchoring the structure is a zinc-coated, U-shaped bolt that adjusts to fit rails from 1/2"-1 1/4" D. Both the X-Grip and the U-Bolt boast 1" rubber ball heads that connect to the kit's standard length (3.69") double socket arm. Once the three pieces are joined, the two ball-and-socket joints offer a virtually infinite array of positioning possibilities. For added convenience, a single adjustment knob controls the tension on both joints. An immensely advantageous, cost-effective co-pilot that always deserves the best seat onboard.

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