RAM Universal X-Grip IV Phone Cradle Long Arm & Suction Cup Mount Kit

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If you have an insatiable need to stay connected 24/7 in any & all environments, the RAM Universal X-Grip IV Phone Cradle with Long Arm and Suction Cup Mount Kit is the comprehensive, convenient, cost-effective combo that helps you remain in the know both behind the wheel and behind the control yoke. This leading-edge collection includes three top-of-the-line components that together offer unlimited hands-free positioning & viewing alternatives of a variety of large Smartphones and small tablet computers.

At its center is RAM's X-Grip IV Phone Cradle with its one-of-a-kind, open-frame design. This adaptable unit features four spring-loaded steel arms that easily adjust to fit a variety of mobile phones and small tablets. Rubber-coated tips further protect your device from nicks and scratches, and the cradle's minimalist architecture enables unobstructed access to all buttons, jacks, camera lenses, and speakers. The foundation of the structure boasts a 3.3" D suction cup with a twist-lock base that provides a phenomenal hold on glass, plastic, and similar smooth, non-porous surfaces. Both the X-Grip IV and the suction cup feature 1" rubber ball heads that attach to the kit's long length (6") double socket arm, which has a pair of 1" sockets - one at each end. Once the three pieces are joined, the two ball-and-socket joints offer an essentially infinite array of positioning possibilities. For added convenience, a single adjustment knob controls the tension on both joints. Furthermore, the entire contraption can be easily removed by sliding the quick-release lever at the suction cup's base. Fits electronics from 1 3/4"-4 1/2" W and up to 7/8" D. The world's foremost "phablet" mounting solution that helps keep you plugged in no matter how you travel.


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