RAM Universal X-Grip Cradle for 12" Tablets

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Electronics enthusiasts who insist on upgrading to the latest & greatest gadgets on the market will adore the A-1 adaptability inherent to the RAM Universal X-Grip Cradle for 12" Tablets. Unlike the throngs of tablet/Smartphone/electronics cases out there, which are often designed to the exact dimensions of a single product, X-Grip cradles are engineered to adapt to the specifications of a variety of devices.

At the heart of the X-Grip are its four spring-loaded stainless steel arms. With a simple squeeze, users are able to expand the cradle to accommodate an extensive array of large tablet computers. Once the arms are released, they contract to provide a "just right," solid hold on the inserted item. Each arm also boasts a rubber-coated tip, which further cushions the tablet and safeguards it from scratches and nicks. Furthermore, the case's minimalist structure ensures maximum access to all ports, jacks, buttons, and camera lenses. The back of the case is also designed to interface with a variety of RAM articulating arms and mounts (sold separately), as well as third-party products that use the universal AMPs (2-hole or 4-hole) pattern. Purchase also includes additional supports (optional) for added security and even more mounting/viewing options. Compatible with devices from 7 1/2"-8 3/4" W, up to 10 1/4" L (with additional supports; no limit w/o supports), and up to 7/8" D. The pinnacle of versatile electronics accessories that will continue to evolve right along with the industry.

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