RAM Multi-Pad Organizer

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Even the latest & greatest of the so-called "paperless" cockpits can't completely free pilots from the need to jot down essential aeronautical info from time to time. After all, who among us hasn't received a rapid-fire ATC clearance or a pop-up NOTAM/TFR advisory that seems to go on and on? For those times when your flight deck's QWERTY keyboard and state-of-the-art buttonology just can't keep up, you'll be glad you have the RAM Multi-Pad Organizer at your disposal.

Unlike kneeboards and lap desks, which foster way too much head-down time, this 4" x 8" high-strength composite writing surface is designed to attach to a yoke, glareshield or glass/plastic surface for a much more user-friendly viewing angle. In addition to reducing unnecessary head movements, the Organizer is also optimized to eliminate avoidable frustrations. Rather than fumbling with pen loops and cumbersome clips, the Multi-Pad boasts a pair of integral rare-earth magnets that provide a solid hold on your ferrous metal pens with nothing more than a touch. The unit also features a rugged top clamp and a 4" W insert sleeve, both of which ensure your checklists, approach plates, aeronautical charts, and other important info remain close at hand. Purchase includes a set of two nuts and two bolts, which allows users to attach the Organizer to any RAM mount or third-party product (sold separately) equipped with the universal AMPs (2-hole) pattern. An exceptionally well-designed aviation implement that's sure to become a "no-go" item on many a pilot's preflight checklist.

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