RAM Camera Mount 1/4" - 20 Tap with Suction Cup Mount Kit

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If you thought capturing exciting, hands-free in-flight video required accepting a limited number of possible recording positions/angles, you've yet to experience the RAM Camera Mount 1/4" - 20 Tap with Suction Cup Mount Kit. Unlike run-of-the-mill hands-free mounting systems, this revolutionary RAM alternative allows users to customize their recording angles for an infinite array of unique vantage points you would have never thought possible from a hands-off setup.

At the foundation of the combo is RAM's 3.3" D suction cup with twist lock base that delivers a relentless grip on glass, plastic, and similar smooth, non-porous surfaces. Extending from this base is RAM's standard length (3.69") double socket arm. The final component is a 2 1/2" D round plate with a threaded male 1/4" - 20 stainless steel stud extending from its center. This stud perfectly complements the industry-standard threaded female 1/4" - 20 insert found on numerous digital cameras, camcorders, and recording devices. Both the suction cup and the round plate feature 1" rubber ball attachments that, once connected to the double socket arm's 1" slots, provide a virtually unlimited number of user-selectable mounting angles. To adjust, simply loosen the arm's single control knob, fine-tune the arm & camera as desired, and re-tighten the knob. Removing the entire contraption is as easy as releasing the suction cup's twist lock. Ideal for airplanes, autos, and a variety of other action-seeking vehicles. An extremely well-designed setup that thrillseekers off all backgrounds are sure to appreciate.

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