Piaggio P.180 Avanti (D-IZZY) White Aviation Tag Keychain LIQUIDATION PRICING

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Have you ever stood at the airport wondering which among the dozens of black, rolling suitcases circling the baggage claim is yours?

Solve this problem with a luggage tag that makes your boring suitcase one of a kind. The brand Aviation Tag makes luggage tags from actual metal fuselages of retired airliners. This one came from a German Piaggio P.180 that took its last flight in 2021 after more than two decades of service.

With its twin, turboprop “pusher” engines and an unusual dual-wing design, the Piaggio P.180 is an engineering marvel. While owning one is impossible for most consumers, you can at least own a piece of one with an Aviation Tag.

Aviation Tags are luggage tags and keychains made from the fuselage skins of real planes. This specific, limited-edition tag commemorates a Piaggio with the registration “D-IZZY,” which flew from 1999 to 2021. The plane’s specifics are engraved on the tag itself, along with an image of the intriguing P.180.

With Aviation Tags, you can help make sure a retired aircraft doesn’t go to waste, while also showing the world your passion for planes.


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