PBR Mk-II Patrol Boat Mahogany Model

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This handcrafted PBR Mk-II Patrol Boat, in 1/24 scale, is painstakingly built by our skilled craftsmen with a wealth of detail. PBR (Patrol Boat, River), is the US Navy designation for a type of rigid-hulled patrol boat used in the Vietnam War from March 1966 until the end of 1970. They were used to stop and search traffic in areas such as the Mekong Delta, the Rung Sat Special Zone, the Saigon River and in I Corps, in an attempt to disrupt weapons shipments. In this role they frequently became involved in firefights with enemy soldiers on boats and on the shore. PBR's were also used to infiltrate Navy SEAL teams.

The Patrol Boat "Riverine" is currently displayed at the New Jersey Naval Museum in Hackensack, NJ. The units using the PBRs were often called "The Brown Water Navy" (and those rivers were pretty brown) and also "Swift Boats" (and at 30 Knots fully loaded they PBRs were swift).

Our wooden PBR Patrol Boat model is an exact replica of the original, handcrafted with vigilance by master craftsmen. After it is sanded and puttied, skilled artists paint on the intricate details. Clear lacquer provides the finishing touch and long-lasting protection. Each ship model comes on a a display base with brass pedestals and a brass name plate.

  • 1/24 Scale Model
  • 4.3 Inch Wingspan
  • 12 Inch Length
  • Material Mahogany Wood


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