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What kind of pilot are you? An advanced avionics type? A traditional navigation type?

The truth is that you've got to be both.

You've got to have a solid foundation of using advanced avionics. And, you have to know how to do it old-school-style. With professional-grade knowledge of both, you'll be at your best when you need it most.

This interactive course starts with essential VOR navigation. You'll learn all the traditional VOR methods, which are current and completely applicable to today's flying. From there, advance to use of an HSI and bearing pointers. Whether you're using a mechanical HSI instrument or an electronic HSI, you'll learn how to use it like a pro. Next, GPS is introduced, explaining how it works, how it is used, and the incredible benefits for your flying. And finally, it's all tied together by teaching the essentials of advanced avionics. You'll learn what an FMS is and how its used, how to program a course, and how to make changes in flight. You'll gain a true understanding of the most important features of advanced avionics.

But, there's a lot more to know than mere button-pushing. You can't just "jump in and go." You've got to know the pitfalls and how to manage them. This training gives you the deep understanding and procedural background that are drilled into professional flight crews that use the same equipment. Whether you're using a small panel-mounted unit or a top-of-the-line multi-function display system, the topics in this training will give you a foundation that you can't learn anywhere else.

Contains these easy-to-use, interactive, multimedia tutorials:
  • Introduction
  • VOR Navigation
  • HSI and Bearing Pointers
  • GPS Navigation
  • Advanced Avionics Part I
  • Advanced Avionics Part II
  • Final Exam (FAA WINGS credit) The interactive multimedia tutorials listed above contain:
  • 4 hours of narrated instruction
  • 38 training sections
  • 385 instructional scenes, over 140 of which are interactive
  • 50 Hangar Time™ sidebars
  • 95 quiz questions
  • 50-question Final Exam (provides FAA WINGS credit)

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