MyGoFlight iPad Sport Cool Case - iPad Cooling Kneeboard/Mountable Case (iPad Pro 11 GEN 1 / Air 4 2020)

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Protect your iPad from overheating with a cooling case that’s almost as narrow and lightweight as a standard tablet case.

The iPad Sport Cool Case from MyGoFlight is sleek because it doesn’t require extra batteries. Instead, it uses power from the iPad itself to run a thermal blower that will keep your device safe even in direct sunlight. You can use this as a kneeboard or mount it in the cockpit. (Mounts sold separately.)

This specific case fits the Generation 1 iPad Pro 11 and the Generation 4 iPad Air .

Today’s tablets are narrow and have powerful processors, which makes them vulnerable to overheating, especially in the cockpit. Don’t take chances. Protect yours now.

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