Max Trescott's GPS & WAAS Instrument Flying Handbook

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Ever find yourself in the cockpit punching GPS buttons multiple times to get it to do what you want? A recent GPS survey found that more than half of readers have difficulty some of the time getting a GPS to do what they want. Max Trescott wrote the one book that tells pilots what they need to know to safely fly using a modern GPS receiver.

Most books treat GPS as a subtopic and don’t tell everything you need to know about using GPS. But this Max Trescott’s GPS and WAAS Instrument Flying Handbook recognizes... that GPS is at the center of modern cockpits and not just add-on equipment. If you fly VFR or IFR with a panel-mounted GPS, you’re bound to learn something you didn’t know from the latest book about GPS, WAAS, or operating your GPS receiver. It’s a totally new book—NOT a new version of the G1000 book—that tells you what you need to know to safely operate modern GPS systems including detailed, step-by-step instructions for the Bendix/King KLN 94, Garmin GNS 430, 430W, 480, 530, 530W and G900X, G1000 and Perspective glass cockpits.

Author Bio
Max Trescott is the 2008 National CFI of the Year, selected to represent all 96,000 flight instructors in the U.S. He’s written three books, including Max Trescott’s G1000 & Perspective Glass Cockpit Handbook and Max Trescott's G3000 and G5000 Glass Cockpit Handbook. He also has online courses for the G1000 at He lives in the S.F. Bay Area and is a Cirrus Platinum CSIP instructor. He teaches fulltime in Cirrus aircraft, including the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet. He’s been a cohost for Airplane Geeks podcast since 2014 and has hosted the Aviation News Talk podcast, focused on General Aviation safety, since 2017.


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