Aviation Tutorials Mastering Stick And Rudder Flying 3.0

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For every 1 commercial airline accident, there are 187 general aviation (GA) accidents. Of those airline accidents, almost none are fatal. Meanwhile, approximately 400 to 500 people are killed each year in general aviation (GA) accidents! The worst news is that the GA accident rate is NOT improving.

Can YOU afford to have an accident? Statistically, as a GA pilot, you're headed in that direction. With that said, do you know WHY the GA accident rate is so high? Here's the answer: TOO MANY GA PILOTS LACK AIRMANSHIP AND STICK-AND-RUDDER SKILLS! Are YOUR stick and rudder skills good enough to keep YOU from having an accident?

What's in it?
  • 20 focused lessons to improve your stick and rudder technique
  • Over 350 scenes of captivating content and visuals
  • Over 6 hours of narrated instruction
  • Hangar Time™ sidebars that give additional technique, perspectives, stories, and safety-related considerations
  • Statistics and case studies that describe errors that other pilots have made
  • Interactive "hands-on" learning that gives you that "moment" of true understanding
  • Colorful 3D graphics and animations
  • Quizzes at the end of each lesson
  • 50-question Final Exam to test your knowledge
  • FAA WINGS credit to reward you for your hard work.

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