Jet2 Boeing 737 (G-CELH) Aviation Tag Keychain

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32 years of flying, 4 airlines, 3 registrations – we proudly present a real Boeing gem in cooperation with Jet2.

The Boeing 737-300 with Manufacturer Serial Number (MSN) 23525 launched its career in October 1986 with Lufthansa, Germany’s largest airline. The aircraft took to the skies for 11 years christened “Siegen” and sporting registration D-ABXD. Between December 1997 and October 1998, Saudi Arabian Airlines and British Airways used the passenger aircraft. After these brief guest stints, Lufthansa reintroduced the Boeing 737 into its fleet in November 1989, returning it to its original registration D-ABXD.

In 2004, the low-cost carrier Jet2 took ownership of the aircraft and renamed it Jet2Faro. With its new registration G-CELH, it flew daily to European destinations. On 29 September 2018, however, the G-CELH was retired once and for all and had been waiting at Lasham Airport since 22 October 2018 to start its new life as an Aviationtag.

The G-CELH is our first official cooperation with Jet2 and we are honoured to welcome Jet2 to our Aviationtags family as exclusive licence partner!


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