MyGoFlight iPad Sport (iPad Mini 4)

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MyGoFlight designed this incredibly durable kneeboard to enable pilots to get the most out of their iPads inflight while also protecting the device from possible damage. This unit's soft polycarbonate material is strong and lightweight for an incredible blend of protection and comfort. It also features a pair of aluminum rails on the bottom that, when paired with the integral Velcro strap, provide a secure fit that perfectly accommodates the user's leg. Its four rubber pads enable it to sit securely on a table or desk, while its thin design allows for easy use beneath a yoke or clear of a cyclic. Additionally, the strap can be easily removed and the stylish case used in everyday environments.

In addition to its comfortable protective features, the iPad Sport is designed to seamlessly pair with the iPad Sport™ Adapter or Sport™ Mount for easy mounting to a yoke or glareshield. Fits the iPad mini 4. A stylish, high-value item that any iPad-using aviator will adore.


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