FliteLite LED Finger Light Pro Bulk Pack NVIS White (3 NVIS White)

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Available in a bulk pack of three, the weather-resistant FliteLite NVIS White LED Finger Light Pro can be worn with or without gloves via its Velcro One-Wrap strap. Simple to don and use, the durable Finger Light Pro shines a vision-friendly NVIS (night vision imaging system) a full-spectrum NVIS (night vision imaging system) white light on your radios, charts, and other cockpit resources. Recessed inside the light's drop-resistant body, its dimmable 3mm 565mm NVIS white LED is compatible with flight goggles while retaining all visible colors, as well as offering reduced glare and brightness memory.

Developed for use in the F-22 Raptor, the FliteLite LED Finger Light Pro is ideal for use in general aviation cockpits. Powered by three silver-oxide 389/390 batteries (included), this compact light features a battery-preserving 10-minute auto-off as well as a low-battery indication. The ideal addition to your in-flight tools or the perfect gift for the pilot in your life-order today!

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