MyGoFlight Flex Yoke Sport Mount

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Every pilot who considers his/her iPad to be a safety-of-flight item will welcome MyGoFlight's Sport™ Mount – Flex Yoke to his/her "no-go" preflight checklist. Though many iPad yoke mounts grace the market, no other offers the infinitely adjustable convenience of the Flex Yoke. Simply attach the mount to any yoke, strut or support bar from 5/8" to 1 1/2" in diameter and enjoy the ability to position your tablet exactly where it best supports your cockpit routine.

The unit's extendable arm consists of three separate joints, all of which are independently adjustable and lockable via a single, conveniently located control knob. The control knob joint itself adjusts through a full 360°, and the mini-ball heads of the two end joints are movable to 105°. Additionally, the clamp features a handy quick-release toggle, and the knob can be partially loosened to allow for ultra-precise tablet repositioning up high or down low as conditions dictate. Fits the iPad Sport, iPad Kneeboard Sport, and Nexus 7 Sport cases. Purchase also includes a Sport™ Adapter – Generation 2. A fantastic, set-it-and-forget-it (or adjust as necessary) cockpit tool for secure, reliable, hands-free iPad access whenever and however you fly.

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