MyGoFlight Flex Suction Sport Mount

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Those who utilize their tablets while behind the wheel, at the yoke, or in any other environment where hands-free access is a necessity will adore the limitless positioning possibilities inherent to the FlexSuction Sport Mount by MyGoFlight. Unlike the majority of suction mounts on the market, the FlexSuction features an infinite combination of placement options for that "just right" level of effortless access.

The unit's extendable arm consists of three separate joints, all of which are independently adjustable and lockable from a single, conveniently located control knob. The control knob joint itself is adjustable through a full 360°, and the mini-ball heads of the two end joints are movable to 105°. Additionally, the suction cup attachment joint is a lockable socket that can rotate 220°. Allows a tablet to be positioned as close as 3¼" to the mounting surface or to extend out as far as 10½". Adheres to glass and other smooth surfaces. Fits the iPad Sport, iPad Kneeboard Sport, and Nexus 7 Sport units. Purchase also includes a Sport™ Adapter – Generation 2. The ultimate solution for unfettered tablet access no matter how you travel.


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