MyGoFlight Compact Suction Cup Sport Mount

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Even if your ultra-modern aircraft of choice is completely devoid of any kind of vacuum system, the Compact Suction Cup Sport Mount by MyGoFlight is proof positive that a little suction can be beneficial to your flight ops. With its remarkably robust, true rubber base, the unit delivers a tenacious hold to glass, plastic, metal, or virtually any other smooth mounting surface. Once securely in place, the mount's Sport™ Adapter with RingO mounting system can tilt up to a whopping 90 degrees! Furthermore, with its easy-to-operate ON/OFF lever, the twist lock suction base facilitates fuss-free portability, making it an ideal choice for CFIs, renters, and anybody who flies a variety of aircraft. Works with all MyGoFlight Sport cases/cradles (sold separately). A user-friendly in-flight accessory for at-a-glance situational awareness from startup to shutdown.



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