Clarity Aloft Pro Plus TSO Certified Headset

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If you thought the best noise protection required ANR circuitry, just wait until you take Clarity Aloft's new TSO-Certified Pro Plus Headset out for a test flight. Harnessing the absolute best in 21st Century technology, the Pro Plus builds upon the immensely popular Clarity Aloft headset by bringing users all the features they love as well as the latest & greatest enhancements. This upgraded version introduces a stronger microphone boom and more rugged design than its predecessor, and also features FAA C-139a certification! Weighing in at less than 2 oz, the featherweight headset uses Clarity Aloft's patented Comply™ Canal Tips - made from state-of-the-art viscoelastic foam - that deliver an unbelievable 35-45 dB of viscoelastic passive noise reduction (VPNR) throughout the full spectrum of human speech frequencies (400 to 4,000 Hz) - even better than ANR headsets, no batteries required!

It gets better. The Pro Plus's top-of-the-line noise-cancelling electret condenser microphone has been optimized to filter out even more unwanted background noise so you're transmissions remain crystal clear throughout the full flight envelope. The headset also boasts a ?" audio input plug for in-cockpit iPod/MP3 enjoyment. Features Stereo/Mono selectability. In addition to the headset, purchase includes 6 pairs of Medium tips, sample pairs of Small and Large tips, 2 lapel clips, a Quick Start Guide, and even a semi-rigid ballistic nylon carrying case. Proof positive that good things come in small packages.