Clarity Aloft Flex TSO Certified Headset

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Assuming the pilot can communicate effectively, the two most important features for a headset are comfort and noise attenuation. The Flex is Clarity Aloft's most adjustable, lightest headset-less than 2 oz-that passively and effectively blocks ambient noise with an attenuation of 29-47 dB. And, it is TSO'd for commercial use.

The combination of lightweight and adjustability ensures a comfortable fit. Although not an ANR (active noise reduction) headset, with passive noise reduction of up to 47dB the pilot can adjust radio volumes to a comfortable level and never miss a call. These two features alone work to significantly reduce cockpit fatigue. Add the fact that the microphone can be mounted on the left or right and the pilot has essentially a fully customizable headset for perfect fit and performance.

The headset is supplied with spare ear buds, including several sizes to ensure the most comfortable fit. The entire headset folds flat for easy storage and fits in the semi-rigid ballistic nylon carrying case. The Flex headset also includes a lapel clip, wearing instructions, and a Quick Start Guide.

Flex Headset Features and Benefits:

  • Clear Communications: Dual Balanced Armature Speakers
  • Clear Communications: Dual Electret Microphone
  • Quiet: Full-spectrum passive noise reduction system
  • Quiet: 29-47 dB Passive Noise Reduction
  • Comfort: Head Weight Under 2oz
  • Comfort: Self-molding Comply Canal™ Tips
  • Comfort: Fully Adjustable for Comfortable Fit
  • Comfort: Comfortable for all-day use
  • Flexible: Move the Microphone from left to right
  • Compliant: TSO Certification from FAA (C139a)
  • Reliable: Tested to Military Specifications
  • Reliable: 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Other: Music Input with Stereo/Mono Capability
  • Other: Carrying Case Included
  • Other: No Batteries Required

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