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Give the people what they want has long been a driving mantra behind Brightline's expandable/customizable line of user-friendly luggage products. Now, with its Side Pocket Echo, Brightline brings customers a fully insulated, externally mounted beverage sleeve for always-convenient access to their favorite drinks.

The infinitely adjustable neoprene sleeve has been designed to accommodate beverage bottles from 0.5 to 1.5 liters. Simply wrap the sleeve around your bottle, secure it with the unit's pair of robust straps w/ sturdy clips, and attach it to any one of Brightline's expandable baggage combinations. In addition to its insulated qualities, the Echo facilitates one-handed removal for easy access when you need it most. Yet another example of Brightline's ever-evolving, always-convenient lineup of products that are fully optimized to adjust to your needs.

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