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Every pilot realizes that there are certain mission-critical, must-have cockpit tools that need to be easily accessible at a moment's notice. Recognizing this need, Brightline developed its Side Pocket Delta specifically to provide external storage of such items for quick, easy access when time-sensitive circumstances develop.

Designed exclusively for its Brightline FLEX product line, this FLEX-Mount pocket attaches to the mounting stations found on Brightline's Front Bag, CS5, and CS11 modules. While only the CS11 features the two side-by-side mounting stations required by the Side Pocket Delta (the other modules each have one per side), this item has also been designed to bridge the gap between two different modules. The main pocket is dual zippered to securely house your most important flight items. Additionally, a secondary pocket inside the main pocket allows you to elevate and separate some items for easier organization. A low-cost, fully customizable accessory that users of Brightline FLEX bags are sure to love.

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