Beech Bonanza J/K/M35 (1958-60) Qref Card Aircraft Procedure Checklist

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Love your Beech Bonanza J35/K35/M35 but feel less than enthused about the manufacturer-produced checklists applicable to your airplane? Does the presented info appear a bit scant, confusing, or otherwise just doesn't follow a logical, efficient flow? If you're ready for a change that supports smooth, streamlined execution and constant situational awareness, this pair of industry-leading J35/K35/M35 Bonanza checklists from Qref is like a breath of fresh air. Qref's staff of Master CFIs have pooled their over 40 years of active industry experience to develop these Bonanza-specific reference cards that promote industry best practices throughout every phase of operation.

The Normal Procedures (blue-accented) card conveniently lists ALL J35/K35/M35 V-speeds in both MPH and knots where applicable, and - in addition to covering every flight phase from preflight to shutdown/tiedown - presents info on tire, oil, and fuel specifics; as well as appropriately placed gear & flap operational parameters. The Emergency Procedures (red-accented) card addresses such critical developments as engine failures, cabin/engine/electrical fires, emergency descent, prop & landing gear problems, and much more. It also features convenient rulers for both Sectional and TAC chart scales. Both 5" x 9" (12.7 cm x 22.8 cm), kneeboard/yoke-friendly cards are water resistant, tear resistant, and UV coated so they won't fade. They also foster both sunlight and red-light readability, and their 15 MIL low-gloss lamination makes the cards ideal for annotation with dry erase markers. Checklists applicable to J/K/M35 Bonanzas manufactured from 1958-60. A vastly improved operational resource for more enjoyable flights every time you take to the air.

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