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ASA Preflight a Fixed Wing Light-Sport Aircraft for Sport Pilots

Product Description
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Follow a routine preflight inspection to learn the proper way to ensure a safe, enjoyable flight. Sport Pilot expert Paul Hamilton role-plays as the student embarking on his first flight in a fixed wing LSA. Instructor Jeff Reynolds takes Paul through an easy-to-follow and comprehensive preflight inspection. This straightforward presentation is truly informative and educational for the beginner pilot, as well as the experienced aviator wanting a refresher or transitioning aircraft.

The beautiful cinematography features plenty of in-flight footage that captures the thrill and adventure of flying a light-sport aircraft. Preflight procedures are the most important steps a pilot can take to ensure a safe flight the pilot-in-command is responsible for determining whether the aircraft is in safe condition. Prior to every flight, a pilot should at least perform a walk-around inspection of the aircraft to determine its airworthiness. Watch this DVD to understand how this walk-around inspection should be accomplished. Includes booklet with worksheets and checklists for an interactive learning experience.

Program Outline:

Preflight Overview
  • Cockpit and Controls
  • Landing Gear
  • Wing
  • Powerplant
  • Control Cables
  • Tail
  • Cockpit entry for flight
  • Flight

    Special DVD features:
  • Scene selection
  • Movie trailers
  • Digitally mastered
  • Interactive menus
  • English digital audio
  • Main feature total running time 00:37:00 CLEARANCE ASA Preflight a Fixed Wing Light-Sport Aircraft for Sport Pilots CLEARANCE ASA Preflight a Fixed Wing Light-Sport Aircraft for Sport Pilots CLEARANCE ASA Preflight a Fixed Wing Light-Sport Aircraft for Sport Pilots 1809 Jeppesen Standard Airway Manual Chart Service Gulf of Mexico: AUSY0541 This Gulf of Mexico (Helicopter Service) contains Instrument approaches within 200 nm of the coast at airports with weather reporting capability. Also includes Gulf of Mexico Area chart. Coverage fits in one 2-inch binder (sold separately).

    Designed for the pilot who requires the most up-to-date enroute and terminal charts available on a subscription basis. Also includes Military Terminal, Enroute Guides, Reference Guides, and High Altitude Charts

    Includes initial chart content and a one-year revision service.

    Flight Information Includes:

    Approach Charts
  • Charts are indexed alphabetically by city.
  • Plan view of approach procedure is depicted.
  • Missed approach procedure is depicted.
  • Non-precision descent profile is shown.
  • Components-out minimums are clearly indicated.
  • Arrival frequencies are given in order of use.
  • Color contours increase situational awareness.
  • Significant changes from previous charts are highlighted.
  • Detailed glide slope and descent rate information is provided.
  • STARs - ATIS frequencies, vertical navigation planning information, transitions.
    GPS Overlay Charts
  • (GPS) indicates GPS Overlay Approach information has been applied.
  • Waypoint symbols and/or database identifiers added as required to fly the approach.
  • Sensor FAFs on No-FAF procedures.

    Enroute Charts
  • Easy-to-read, multi-color printing.
  • Civil and military airports with instrument approach procedures.
  • Radio communications frequencies where available.

    Jeppesen Standard Airway Manual Chart Service Gulf of Mexico: AUSY0541 Jeppesen Standard Airway Manual Chart Service Gulf of Mexico: AUSY0541 Jeppesen Standard Airway Manual Chart Service Gulf of Mexico: AUSY0541 18094 ASA Aviation Radio Communications Made Easy, VFR Ed It takes practice to sound like a seasoned pilot! Talking on the radio can be intimidating and stressful. Aviation Radio Communications Made Easy will assist you in learning to talk effectively and efficiently on the radio during your flights. Take this communication resource with you on your next flight, to be used as a memory aid, training tool, and confidence builder to develop your communication skills. Soon, your delivery will be smooth and professional and you will fully understand what ATC is telling/asking you.

    The templates allow you to construct a communication script for every flight - regardless of its complexity or the number of communications required. Fill in most of the template blanks during preflight, tear them out and take them with you to the cockpit. Sized to fit your kneeboard, they work as speaking notes to lighten your in-flight workload and eliminate the guesswork about when, for what, and to whom you should be speaking.

    Multiple copies of each template are included, along with instructions, communication tips and practical examples. Each of the 32 templates matches a different type of radio communication that may be needed in a VFR flight. Take along the templates necessary for the flight, and in effect you create a communications trip kit" to use during the flight.

    This book is especially effective for student pilots, ground schools, limited English-speaking pilots, flight instructors, and pilots transitioning to new airspace. 6" x 8-1/2" format, spiral binding, 4 copies of each template.
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