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Do you dream of tucking your landing gear behind clamshell doors or into invisible wheel wells and cruising gracefully through the air with a streamlined silhouette? If you are in the market for a Mooney or Beech Bonanza or Piper Comanche or any of the other popular retractable models, Flying the Light Retractables by LeRoy Cook is a must-read.

Cook analyzes nine of the most popular models on the market today and their variants, including subtle and not-so-subtle differences, maintenance issues, performance, and economic tradeoffs. Discussions include the Mooney M20C, M20J 201/MSE, Beech Bonanza 35, Beech Sierra, Cessna Cardinal RG, Cessna Cutlass RG, Lake Buccaneer, Piper Comanche 180, Piper Arrow, and Rockwell Commander 112TC.

Chase your retractable dream and do it with the confidence of having all the information you need to make the right decisions, thanks to Flying the Light Retractables.

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