American Airlines MD82 (N922TW) Aviation Tag Keychain

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In the 1980s, American Airlines fleet of MD80s owned the skies. They're all retired now, but you can own a piece of that fleet thanks to an innovative repurposing from the company Aviationtag.

This aluminum tag is made from the actual fuselage of plane N922TW. Use it to identify your luggage or as a keychain. N922TW which first flew in 1981 with Swissair before eventually making its way over to American. It retired in 2003 and has come to rest in Roswell, New Mexico. The beloved MD80s were known as Mad Dogs, and this special Mad Dog edition of tags is officially licensed by American Airlines.

The tag features a unique patina that resulted from a long career followed by retirement in the desert sun. Each is one-of-a-kind.

Note: If it's a new-looking tag without scratches and patina that you're after, then this is not the edition to go for. The American Airlines MD82 series shows clear signs of the more than 20 years of service performed by the N922TW plus its time out in the desert of New Mexico – each Aviationtag bears the marks of American aviation history and has imperfections, scratches and parts where the paint is flaking on the back, but that is what makes each and every tag one-of-a-kind. The front-side of the Aviationtag is blanc aluminum which is why we printed the tag instead of laser engraving it. Though the print is rather robust, please be careful how you use it.


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