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Military Fisher Space Pen (Matte Black)

Military Fisher Space Pen (Matte Black)
Military Fisher Space Pen (Matte Black)
Military Fisher Space Pen (Matte Black)
Military Fisher Space Pen (Matte Black)
Military Fisher Space Pen (Matte Black)
Military Fisher Space Pen (Matte Black)
In Stock Product Code 6694
Writes against gravity, underwater, and at unbelievable temperature extremes.
Retail: $21.00 $11.99

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Writes against gravity, underwater, and at unbelievable temperature extremes.

If you're tired of having your ink pens fail you under cold, wet conditions or of having to maneuver into an uncomfortable position to accommodate gravity, the proven Military Fisher Space Pen is the ultimate solution to end all your headaches. As the name implies, this remarkably well-constructed ink pen has been used in space. In fact, it's been a no-go item on every manned US space flight since 1965! Write in zero gravity and negative gravity conditions from any angle - the pen's ink is pressurized at 40 PSI for flawless operation even against gravity.

That's not all. It's metal body and black matte finish have repeatedly stood up to anything and everything the US Armed Forces have thrown its way. This pen has been shown to function at temps from -30°F to an insane 400°F - no more having your pen freeze up in winter weather. It'll even work well over soaking wet or grease-stained paper, something unheard of in an ink pen. Makes an outstanding tool for aviation maintenance technicians, line service employees, CFIs, and pro pilots. An affordable, exceptionally rugged item that's truly out of this world.

From the Manufacturer

This black Military Fisher Space Pen is used extensively by the US Armed Forces. The rugged design and consistent operation don't even break a sweat under the insane operating conditions the Armed Forces put them through. It is a 'get the job done with no fuss' kind of pen. Its metal body and matte black coating are durable and simple. One-handed clicking exposes and retracts the ink head. It is ready to go at a moment's notice and will write for sure.

Fisher Space Pens all use the same High-Tech Sealed Pressurized Ink Cartridge. Its specifications are amazing. It will write in all temperatures from -30 degrees Fahrenheit up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, over most grease, under water, in zero gravity, and at any writing angle.

We're hoping that none of our customers ever have to use these pens at the extreme temperatures, but we know the other features might come in extremely handy.

Since the ink is pressurized at 40psi, you don't have to worry about holding the pen at a proper angle for gravity-fed ink to flow. Its precision tungsten-carbide ball head keeps the ink from leaking out at this pressure.

Fisher Pens were developed for the United States' fledgling space program during the space race. NASA needed a pen that would work in space. Every pen used since mankind invented them had required gravity to pull the ink down onto the writing surface. So Fisher pens invented the pressurized ink pen. It has since been used on every manned US space flight since 1965 (and more recently on every Russian manned space flight).

Not only will Fisher Space pens work in zero gravity, they will actually work against gravity. You can hold it perfectly upside-down and still get a fine, even writing line just as if you were using a fine pen at a normal angle (try this one out for yourself!).

If your work or play entails writing in a messy, machine-oriented environment or a wet environment, the Fisher Space pen is perfect for you. Normal ink pens won't write at all over a grease-smudged piece of paper. Fisher Space Pens don't even realize the grease is there. The same goes for water. A Fisher Space pen will write on a scrap of paper at the bottom of a glass of water.

The Bottom Line: A Fisher Space Pen writes when you need it to, every time, no matter what.

Every Fisher Space Pen is hand-assembled and hand tested. Each comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee from Fisher Pens.

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Rated 4.80 / 5 based on 5 customer reviews
5/ 5 stars
Military Fisher Space Pen Review
This pen works really good. I have used ballpoint pens at attitude with less that 8 deg F and the pen would stop working. The fisher Space pen keeps on writing.
- Lancaster, CA Sep 4, 2010
4/ 5 stars
Fisher Space Pen Review
I've owned this type of pen for many years. Typical use is in my car as it always works when I need to write something, even in the dead of an Iowa winter. I've noticed, though, that my pens, at least, have not lasted very long before they run out of ink. I'll see what happens with this latest one but since I'm now retired, I won't use it as much (old one's were used often at work) and it may not matter. But that's why I always buy a refill with a pen. Not sure if the pen is full of ink or is not filled up on purpose so the user will have to buy refills more often. But that's the only reason I give it a 4 instead of a 5. Also, I think the website should clearly identify the point size (fine or medium) as I looked for that info for quite awhile before purchasing my latest pen. I actually prefer a fine point, but the Space Pen medium point is acceptable.
- Hiawatha, IA Feb 27, 2011
5/ 5 stars
Best Ever
I stumbled across the Space Pen in a surplus catalog years ago and don't know what I'd do without it. When my original was lost I was lost until I found it here at Pilot Mall! I bought a spare this time and ink refills. Love the pen, it's cool looking and works as advertised, you won't be disappointed in the pen or the service from Pilot Mall.
- Cleveland, OH Jan 24, 2013
5/ 5 stars
Nice pen
Nice basic pen with the great Fisher Space pen cartridge. Good value, tough looks and great function like all the Space pens.
- Racine, WI Dec 15, 2013
5/ 5 stars
I love this product. I do crossword puzzles in bed, and this pen allows me to write with the pen in the upwards position. Other pens will stop working. I was pleased with Pilot Mall, the price was good and delivery was prompt.
- SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA Mar 9, 2014

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