Celeste Flight Fresh Deodorant Disc (Fresh Breeze)

Celeste Flight Fresh Deodorant Disc (Fresh Breeze)
Celeste Flight Fresh Deodorant Disc (Fresh Breeze)
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Eliminates unwanted cockpit odors for a pleasant flying experience.

Despite the best planning, some things in life are simply unavoidable. One such certainty is the fact that enclosed areas - especially those frequented by humans - will eventually develop unpleasant odors of their own. Recognizing this eventuality, Celeste developed its Flight Fresh Deodorant Discs to absorb the unwanted smells that find their way into aircraft cockpits. Unlike numerous "air fresheners," these deodorant discs absorb the unwanted odor rather than merely masking it with stronger scents. Their small shape allows the discs to work their magic while easily storing out of sight. Each disc delivers up to 30 days of lasting odor relief. An extremely affordable, highly effective item for making the cockpit a much more enjoyable environment. This version has Fresh Breeze scent.

From the Manufacturer

The Flight Fresh deodorant disc is impregnated with a long lasting, active deodorant formula that provides up to thirty days of continuous, effective odor control. These discs are recommended for use in cockpits, lavatories, bathrooms, cabins, room interiors, galleys, or any closed area where air freshening is needed.

The Flight Fresh disk is tasteful and understated with mildly scented--yet powerful odor control. Its active ingredients work against the odor--they don't just mask it with powerful scents like so many automotive and household air 'fresheners'. And it's sleek compact shape is designed to be hidden away, out of sight under a seat or elsewhere.

These are great for keeping your aircraft smelling fresh and new, but don't limit yourself! They work just as well in your car, on your boat, or in your house.

Purchase a handy Flight Fresh Deodorant Disc Holder which promotes airflow and keeps the disc out of contact of stainable surfaces.

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5/ 5 stars
Great Ideas
This product should be used in homes.
- silver spring, MD Jun 30, 2010
5/ 5 stars
Celeste Flight Fresh Deodorant Disc (Fresh Breeze)
I am a plant foreman for Paseo Hills Elementary School. One of my custodians who has a part time job cleaning planes at Sky Harbor introduced us to this product. We place it in our vacuums and it gives the classrooms a wonderfully fresh scent. Many thanks for a fine product!
- Phoenix, AZ Aug 30, 2010
5/ 5 stars
Air Refresher for cars
Excellent smell for car and the shipping was super. I will recommended for anyone to buy from PilotMall.com
- Gibsonton, FL Oct 16, 2010
5/ 5 stars
Celeste Flight Fresh Deodorant Disc
Love the product. We use them on a regular basis in our vacuums and the teachers are thrilled with the fresh scent in the morning.
- Phoenix, AZ Feb 10, 2011
5/ 5 stars
- PANAMA, FL Mar 17, 2011
5/ 5 stars
- miami, FL Jun 17, 2011
5/ 5 stars
- miami, FL Aug 3, 2011
5/ 5 stars
Celeste Scented Tablets
My custodians swear by them. While designed for aircraft use, they work wonders in the classroom.
- Phoenix, AZ Aug 18, 2011
5/ 5 stars
Celeste Scented Disks
An excellent product, though they don't seem to last as long as they used to.
- Phoenix, AZ Oct 27, 2011
5/ 5 stars
Flight fresh deodorant
I like the flight fresh deodorant very much it smells very good
- Middletown, NY Feb 25, 2012
5/ 5 stars
I drive a motor coach. I use them in the bath room on the bus. They are great. Love the smell.
- Clinton , MD Apr 30, 2013
5/ 5 stars
great deal
great service
- Doral, FL Nov 22, 2013
5/ 5 stars
Great Product
Great product with lasting smell.
- houston, TX Jan 4, 2014
5/ 5 stars
flight fresh
Great product
- miami, FL Mar 9, 2014
5/ 5 stars
Amazing Product!!! Excelent Quality!! pretty smell, and long lasting fragance
- Miami, FL Mar 21, 2014
5/ 5 stars
A like a lot.
- Chitre, CA Jun 3, 2014
5/ 5 stars
great and fast
Great because I bougth from other seller and I need to cancel because they dont have available item. Thank for your help
- Panama, FL Sep 11, 2014
5/ 5 stars
Awesome service...
Love the product!!!
- Fort Myers, FL Jul 5, 2016

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