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AvBlend Metal Saturating Lubricant

AvBlend Metal Saturating Lubricant
AvBlend Metal Saturating Lubricant
AvBlend Metal Saturating Lubricant
AvBlend Metal Saturating Lubricant
AvBlend Metal Saturating Lubricant
AvBlend Metal Saturating Lubricant
Product Code 4202
Engine additive for increased performance and longevity of your powerplant.
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Engine additive for increased performance and longevity of your powerplant.

Every pilot knows that inadequate lubrication can greatly exacerbate internal component wear of aircraft engines. Fortunately, AvBlend's Metal Saturating Lubricant helps ensure your powerplant receives the TLC it needs to perform as required to TBO and beyond. This proven additive can do wonders to prevent premature wear and to restore your aircraft to like-new performance status. In addition to facilitating proper lubrication of the oil, this lubricant has been shown to prevent rust & corrosion; dissolve buildups of carbon, coat, and varnish; maintain the correct dimensional limits your engine's components; maintain/restore factory-new combustion efficiency and performance.

To use, simply apply the lubricant at each 25-hour oil change (do not exceed 50 hrs. or 4 months between oil changes). Add one 12-oz can to 4-cylinder engines with a 4-8 quart oil system, and two 12-oz cans to 6- or 8-cylinder powerplants with 9+ quart capacity. * For Continental TSIO and IO-360 models, a single can is sufficient. An extremely affordable, proven additive that can substantially improve your engine's performance and increase its lifespan.

From the Manufacturer

AvBlend® is a pure microlubicating oil that treats the metal in your engine, helping to reduce wear in your engine while improving performance.

In new or rebuilt engines AvBlend® helps:
  • Prevent build-up of carbon, varnish, and coke commonly found in high temperature air-cooled engines. Without AvBlend, leaded aviation fuels create an environment for carbon build-up in the most critical areas of your engine.
  • Eliminate damaging dry starts which prematurely wear the internal parts of your engine before reaching TBO. It can take 45 to 120 seconds for oil to reach critical areas of your engine after initial start-up, even though oil pressure registers on the cockpit gauges --without AvBlend, significant engine wear can occur during this period.
  • Prevent rust and corrosion during periods of inactivity -- Most aircraft owners don't fly their airplanes enough. AvBlend can protect expensive internal engine components from irreversible rust and corrosion during these down-times and reduce the likelihood of premature replacement.
  • Eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs due to premature wear, at annual inspections
  • Keep new and rebuilt engines dimensionally correct from break-in to TBO
  • Maintain factory new performance and efficiency over the lifetime of the engine...

    For used engines, AvBlend® helps:
  • Clean your engine by dissolving existing carbon, varnish and coke commonly found in high temperature air-cooled engines.
  • Restore lost performance and combustion efficiency to engines with accumulated hours, in engines within factory service limits.

    In 1997, side-by-side laboratory testing proved the benefits of AvBlend®. An engine with AvBlend outperformed an otherwise identical engine with real-world benefits for aircraft owners. The engine with AvBlend:

  • Produced 9.25% more horsepower
  • Used 8.5% less fuel
  • Had 60% less wear
  • Had 66% less Carbon Deposit Build-Up

    How and When do I use AvBlend?

    To get the full benefit of AvBlend, use it with each 25-hour oil change, not to exceed 50 hours or four months between oil changes. Add one 12 ounce can of AvBlend to four cylinder engines with a 4-8 quart oil system capacity. Add two 12 ounce cans to 6 or 8 cylinder engines with a 9 quart or larger oil system. For the Continental TSIO and IO-360, use 1 can, since the engine has an 8 quart oil system.

    Buy one or save by buying four.
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  • Rated 5.00 / 5 based on 4 customer reviews
    5/ 5 stars
    AvBlend Benefits
    I have used AvBlend oil additive in my engine (C-90)for many years. When my engine was last overhauled the shop commented on the cleanliness of the engine interior. I can only attribute that to the use of AvBlend at every 50-hour oil change.
    - Marysville, CA Oct 13, 2011
    5/ 5 stars
    AV Blend Engine Oil Additive
    Have been using since the last three oil changes and can see the difference. The oils stays a lot cleaner and I feel oils consumption is also lower.
    - Tucson, AZ Jun 1, 2013
    5/ 5 stars
    AvBlend works great!
    AvBlend in my 1175 hour Piper Turbo Arrow III 201T Continental Engine has seen oil usage of 1 quart per 10-12 hours of flight and only enhances performance. My 52 years experienced mechanic told me it may help extend the TBO. Flying an average of 175 hours per year, it will not take long to find out. AvBlend makes a nice present to aircraft owners/pilot friends.
    - Cape May, NJ Dec 14, 2013
    5/ 5 stars
    I love it
    Good price, fast delivery. I've been using it for more then 20 years.
    - Revere, MA Jun 3, 2015

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