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Our electronic devices have become more than necessary to our everyday lives—they are essential. Only rarely will we leave the house without our iPhone or Android phones, and doing business without an iPad or other tablet is almost inconceivable. As pilots, these devices have become more than information storage and communication devices; many of us use iPads as essential pieces of navigation gear. While electronics are great, they do come with one major drawback: you have to be able to charge them! Let's face it; we never had to plug in a binder full of Jeppesen plates! Carrying extra cords and battery packs are inconvenient and can present an increased risk of fire.

Your charging problems can be solved with the Voltaic Switch Solar Charger Bag featured here at Not only will this ruggedly designed bag protect your tablet in a specialized pouch, but it will charge it as well! Each of these Voltaic bags is delivered already upgraded for pilot use by Pilot Mall—instead of the standard 15V battery, we upgrade each bag with the optional V39 universal USB battery free of charge! But the voltaic bag isn't just a bag with a battery—it is solar panel equipped to keep the battery charged and your devices in action no matter where you are! The copious storage capacity of this bag isn't just restricted to electronics, either. The interior of the Voltaic Switch Solar Charger Bag comes equipped with a mesh pouch for all of your cables and plugs, and the huge rear compartment has plenty of room for a change of clothes, toiletries, a water bottle, or any other must-have.

The Voltaic Switch Solar Charging Bag comes equipped with a sturdy carrying handle and a shoulder strap for long-range comfort. This bag isn't just perfect for the cockpit; it is great in the conference room, coffee shop, on the trail, or anywhere else that you need both carrying capacity and power. Never be more than an arm's length from an environmentally sustainable power source again. Get your Voltaic Switch Solar Charging Bag today!

Voltaic Solar Powered Bags