Garmin GLO 2 for Aviation

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User-friendly and portable, the Garmin GLO 2 for Aviation allows you to fly with confidence, as it uses GPS and GLONASS satellites to provide accurate position information on multiple portable devices. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, the Bluetooth-capable GLO for Aviation can connect with WAAS GPS and GLONASS satellites to add 24 more satellites than GPS alone. The addition of the GLONASS satellites allows this lightweight device to update its position 10 times per second-10 times more frequently than GPS-only devices.

The versatile Garmin GLO 2 for Aviation can pair with up to four devices at once, and its anti-skid mount secures it in the cockpit. Its robust battery can last up to 12 hours, and you can recharge it via the included USB cable or 12/24-V lighter adapter. Your GLO purchase comes with free six-month access to the Garmin Pilot app, making it an outstanding gift for the pilot in your life.

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