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Keeping things organized in the cockpit can be a real challenge. You have charts, electronic devices, a pad of paper to write that last minute clearance down on, a flashlight, and a pen to write with. Ask any pilot; things just have a way of rolling around the cockpit all by themselves! Having a system that keeps everything in one place where you can reach what you need without looking is essential.

An aviation kneeboard is a perfect solution to your cockpit organization needs, and Pilot Mall has a huge selection for from which to choose. We offer durable and high-quality kneeboards from ASA, Jeppesen, Harper Aviation, Sky High Gear, and APR Aviation that are sure to fit your needs. From simple clipboards that strap to your knee to trifold models that can store nearly anything, Pilot Mall has the kneeboard that will best fit your kind of flying. We even have kneeboards that have important reminders conveniently etched into the surface; no more having to remember those light gun signals or the hemispherical rule!

Not having things organized in the cockpit is more than just an inconvenience—it is a serious safety issue as well. Fumbling around the cockpit for a dropped pen or chart can and has caused fatal hull loss accidents due to loss of control and spatial disorientation. Don't let a lack of organization turn you into a sad statistic! Check out Pilot Mall's kneeboard selection today!

Aviation Kneeboards

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Harper Aviation Ultimate Kneeboard iPad Mini Holder
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