Jeppesen Private Pilot 61 Kit

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With their Private Pilot Kits, Jeppesen has taken the headache out of acquiring the materials necessary for private pilot training. These all-in-one kits, customized for Part 61 programs, contain all study materials and flight-planning tools students can expect to need throughout the course of their training. Kit contents complement each other well to increase continuity of learning. Also includes a pilot logbook and attractive flight bag. A solid value. The complete kit contents are:

  • Private Pilot Textbook [10001360]
  • Private Pilot Maneuvers Manual [10001361]
  • Private Pilot FAA Airman Knowledge Test Guide [10001387]
  • Private Airman Certification Standards [10735871]
  • Student CSG Computer (E6B) [10001316]
  • Private Pilot FAA Practical Test Study Guide [10001390]
  • Pilot Logbook [10001315]
  • PN-1 Navigation Plotter [10009523]
  • Book/Student Bag-Black [10001301]


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