ASA Student Pilot Kit

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You've decided to learn how to fly-congratulations! Now you need to take the next step and get all of the books and materials that are required. The list of reference guides, books, plotters, and other tidbits can seem overwhelming to a new pilot. Every pilot was where you are in the beginning. It can be tough to know how exactly to get started.

At Pilot Mall, we remember what it was like to be new. That's why we are proud to offer ASA's Complete Private Pilot Kit. Based on Bob Gardner's Complete Pilot textbook series, this kit has all the things you'll need to get started. Included in this kit are the FAA's Airman Certification Standards for Private Pilot Airplane, the Private Pilot Oral Exam Guide, and the Visualized Flight Maneuvers Handbook for High Wing Aircraft. The ASA Student Pilot Kit also comes with a Standard Pilot Logbook, an E6-B flight computer, a plotter, flight planning pad, and the textbook and syllabus you'll need to help you prepare for your next lesson.

The ASA Student Pilot Kit also has a helpful Student Pilot Guide and Student Flight Record to help you progress quickly and keep track of your progress. This updated student pilot kit is a must-have for anyone starting their aviation adventure.

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