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Many pilots consider David Clark aviation headsets the gold standard in hearing protection. David Clark headsets can be seen in many famous movies, television shows and instructional videos.

The David Clark Company was founded in 1935 in Worcester, Massachusetts by David M. Clark. While originally a textile company, the David Clack Company quickly expanded into the aerospace industry. During World War II, David Clark provided the United States with pressurized suits, headsets and lots of other aviation equipment.

David Clark also played an invaluable role during the Cold War. During the Cold War, the United States flew high-altitude spy planes over the Soviet Union to gather intelligence. Since manned aircraft like the U-2 flew at 60,000 feet AGL or higher, pilots had to protect themselves from low atmospheric pressure. To aid in the Cold War effort, the David Clark Company designed specialized pressure suits for use in these high altitudes.

The David Clark Company continues to manufacture aerospace equipment for the military. However, it is best-known for its high-quality and affordable aviation headsets.

David Clark Aviation Headsets

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David Clark M-7 Wind Screen 40062G-02
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