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Bluetooth Adapters

Technological convergence is a beautiful thing. Not long ago, we had separate electronic devices for every task. Televisions, radios, music players, and cameras—every device had one function to perform. Now we've entered into an entirely new age; our iPhones and Android devices are music libraries, telecommunications devices, and video recording studios all combined into one small gadget. While these phones are amazing, using them to make calls from noisy airplanes or listen to music in flight has been a pretty mediocre experience—until now.

Pilot Mall is pleased to offer the Pilot USA General Aviation BluLink Cell Phone Adapter. Powered by two AA batteries, BluLink wirelessly connects your aviation headset to your cell phone or tablet using a Bluetooth connection. This wireless connectivity means that there is much less clutter in the cockpit—there are no extra cords or battery packs to worry about. With 25 hours of battery life, you never need to worry about BluLink dying when you need it most. Pilot USA has also added two great safety features to its BluLink adapter: First, the music or cell phone input will mute automatically whenever the controller speaks. Second, if BluLink does fail, it still provides a connection from your headset to your ATC radio regardless of battery power.

With the BluLink Cell Phone Adapter, you can listen to music from the comfort of your own personal headset as you cruise through the air. Phone calls from the cockpit to ATC or flight service are crystal clear even when the engine is running. With BluLink, you can make those calls through your headset, ensuring that the critical information you need is received loud and clear. The Pilot USA BluLink Cell Phone Adapter frees your hands to write down your clearance and manage the airplane. These great features make your life in the cockpit not only more enjoyable, but safer as well.