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Aviation Radios & Transceivers

Proper communication is the backbone of a safe flying experience. Every year, dozens of accidents are caused by poor communication between pilots, air traffic control (ATC) and ground control. By staying in constant communication with ATC and other pilots, it's possible to improve one's situational awareness.

While cockpit aviation radio systems are designed to be very durable, they may fail under certain rare conditions. To avoid a potential break in communications, professional and recreational pilots should carry a portable aircraft radio as a backup. Since a portable pilot radio is powered by batteries, it can be a great way to get assistance in the event of an electrical failure.

Pilot Mall offers a wide variety of portable transceivers, airband scanners, antennas and other accessories. In addition, Pilot Mall offers base station transceivers. With a base station receiver, an FBO or flight school can remain in constant contact with all aircraft. A base station receiver can also be a great choice for a personal hangar, skydiving schools, firefighters, law enforcement and many other groups.



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$25.00 Mail In Rebate

Aviation COM/NAV, VOR and ILS transceiver with AA alkaline power option. More Info »

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Compact, easy-to-use, multi-band handheld scanner. More Info »

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$30.00 Mail In Rebate

COM/NAV, VOR, ILS, and GPS-capable handheld aviation transceiver. More Info »

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Portable FM stereo and aviation radio receiver/scanner. More Info »

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Compact handheld COM transceiver with Lithium ion battery. More Info »

Out of Stock
Rugged, intuitive NAV- and COM-capable aviation transceiver. More Info »

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$25.00 Mail In Rebate

Aviation band COM/NAV transceiver with VOR and ILS. More Info »

In Stock
Compact, user-friendly COM aviation transceiver. More Info »

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Cigarette lighter DC power cord for the Icom A6/A24 aviation transceivers. More Info »

In Stock
Spare alkaline battery case for Icom A24 & A6 radios. More Info »

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Backup NiMH battery for Icom A24 and A6 transceivers. More Info »