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Satellite Phones

Most pilots are familiar with satellite navigation in the form of GPS, but did you know that satellite phone service is now more accessible than ever? With the satellite phones, the traditional line-of-site limitations that restrict the use of VHF radios and mobile phones are not an issue. Most satellite phones work anytime and anywhere on planet Earth—all you need is a clear view of the sky.

The usefulness of a satellite phone is obvious to anyone who spends time traveling in areas of limited cell phone coverage. For pilots in remote backcountry areas or for those operating over water, a satellite phone is a critical piece of aviation emergency gear. Not only can a satellite phone allow you to stay in touch with your loved ones while you are away, but it could also be the one piece of gear that allows you to talk directly to search and rescue personnel in the event of an emergency. Also, consider this: a remote area doesn't really need to be all that remote; the maximum range of a cell phone can be as little as 22 miles. From the ground, the range of a VHF radio can be even less depending on the conditions. Simply put, a satellite phone may represent the only way you have to talk to help in many locations.

Pilot Mall currently offers the SPOT Global Phone which is perfect for any pilot, but especially those considering flying to the remote corners of the world. SPOT's text, voice, and messaging features combined with its built-in Emergency Response Center Coordination and nearly continuous global coverage make it a top performing satellite communications system. Don't leave anything to chance—get your satellite phone today.

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Satellite phone with voice, text, and voicemail capabilities. More Info »

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Cigarette lighter power cord for the GSP-1700 satphone. More Info »