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Aviation GPS Receivers

Global positioning systems (GPS) have revolutionized navigation for aviators across the globe. With an airplane GPS navigation receiver, a pilot can quickly and accurately determine his or her location relative to the ground. In addition to providing extremely accurate guidance, modern aviation GPS receivers offer a variety of useful options.

In the past, airplane GPS receivers only provided basic navigational functions for a pilot. Many early GPS adopters could only use receivers for assistance with direction, distance, time en route and heading.

Modern GPS receivers offer real-time air traffic information, weather reports, colored terrain mapping, airport directory information and much more. Some high-end GPS receivers even provide turn-by-turn navigation assistance when taxiing an aircraft on the ground.

Pilot Mall offers a variety of high-end Garmin and AvMap GPS receivers for VFR flight. Since these units are portable, they can be a great choice for VFR pilots who rent aircraft or share an aircraft with other pilots. In addition, Pilot Mall offers Bluetooth GPS receivers for use with iPad tablets, iPhones and other Bluetooth-enabled portable electronic devices.

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Compact, portable, Bluetooth-enabled WAAS GPS receiver. More Info »

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Bluetooth-enabled WAAS GPS + GLONASS for iOS and Android devices. More Info »

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An incredibly capable cockpit right on your wrist! More Info »

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Bluetooth-enabled receiver of both WAAS GPS and GLONASS signals. More Info »

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Compact, solar-powered ADS-B, AHRS-G, Data Recording GPS-capable device. More Info »

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Garmin's latest wristwatch featuring an integral GPS/GLONASS receiver + moving map display, worldwide airport database, METAR reports, digital HSI, baro altimeter, and much, much more! More Info »

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Hold all of the navigation power you need in the palm of your hand with the Garmin aera 660 Portable Aviation GPS. More Info »

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Premium aviation GPS smartwatch that combines contemporary design with sophisticated connectivity to bring pilots and aviation enthusiasts an elite aviator watch. More Info »